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Changing Festival Fashion in 2018

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We’re currently right in the middle of a big, exciting shift in festival fashion. Ever since the era of Woodstock, festival fashion has been very Bohemian-oriented. We all know the look: draped and flowing maxi skirts in soft and breezy rayon. Midwestern fringe on skirts, bags, jackets, dresses, and everywhere else. Flower crowns braided into locks that hang loose and free. This style hasn’t changed much since the parents (or grandparents) of today’s festival attendees were themselves headed to festivals. That’s why the change we’re seeing right now is so exciting.

Of course, when we talk about “festival fashion,” what we mean depends on what festival we’re referencing. Some festivals have their own unique style that’s become recognizable. Coachella springs to mind, as fashion designers and brands develop entire clothing lines dedicated to the three-day-weekend extravaganza. What people are wearing at festivals like Coachella is shaping mainstream fashion, which is a big deal. And it makes sense that it would – Coachella breaks annual records for attendance, with 250,000 tickets sold out within hours of their release last year. According to Digital Music News, the iconic Glastonbury festival in England has risen from 100,000 attendees in the early 2000s to over 175,000 people. These are enormous, culture-shifting events. Of course, they would set trends for fashion.

But festival culture is growing worldwide, not just for giant icons like Glastonbury or Coachella, which means an expansion of what we think of when we think of “festival fashion.” Festivals that were once small affairs have grown more popular. City festivals are becoming more popular, and that’s helping shift festival fashion in a big way.
International festivals from SXSW and Afropunk to Clockenflap and Lollapalooza all have their own looks, which influence other more as the years go by. You can go to ten festivals in a year and shift your wardrobe from glitter and glamor to neon and latex to Wellington boots, denim, and flannel. But there are some new trends that are beginning to stand out.

In general, people are moving from bohemian towards urban, eclectic, and vintage, trading out hippie wear for sportswear and streetwear. New and different festivals are emerging, each with their own unique vibes. The kinds of performers at popular festivals are expanding, too, with new music genres and the inclusion of different art forms bringing a vaster audience to festivals. This new and diverse crowd of attendees are all bringing their own flavor to the party—and fashion designers are taking note, expanding their interpretation of festival fashion to meet everyone’s taste and offer something for everyone

The Big Trends

group of women in a stylish outfitThere is an influence loop that can be observed between music festivals, runways, and the entertainment industry. Each industry shapes the next, slowly shifting overall fashion trends in one direction or another. American hip-hop and its associated urban streetwear is a global force that is only growing. Streetwear fashion is increasingly creeping onto runways and into festivals. Crochet crop-tops are being traded for the graphic T-shirts endemic to the 1990s. Brands like Supreme are absolutely everywhere. Dad caps and flat brim snap-backs are both huge, becoming as much of a festival presence as floppy felt or straw sunhats.

Fashion bloggers like Elite Daily noticed a trend towards what they described as the “Kim Possible 2.0” – motorcycle pants and baggy pants with cargo pockets, especially with camouflage print, paired with sports bras and tight, sporty crop tops. This look has its roots in 90’s R&B and hip-hop, and it’s coming back along with the rest of hip-hop streetwear styles. This look is a super cute throwback, but we love it for practical reasons, too – adding pockets to festival fashion is a game changer! To really take your festival get-up to the next level, check out The Freedom State’s Guide to Festival Outfits. This is probably the best guide on the web taking you through a selection of music festivals around the world, generational styles from the 60’s all the way through to now, and of course, some practical hints to ensure you’re functional as well as stylish.

Different Vibes for Different Tribes

One of the biggest transitions in the festival fashion world is to move away from the boho festival “uniform” towards offering options for people to play with the style they already feel comfortable in. This lends an air of fashion diversity to festivals—appropriate as festival goers themselves become more diverse, as does the talent—which is noticeable in real time.

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Brands like Dolls Kill have curated collections around different kinds of festival or summer looks. You can shop by vibe, browsing through different “Lookz,” like “Festival Daze” or “Electric Dolls” or “Get Lit” for bright colors, neons, sequins, and raver gear. For a more punk-rock look, they’ve got denim, leather, spikes, and everything distressed in their “Exit Only,” “Journey To Summer,” and “Detention Club” collections. They’ve even got a line for kinksters.

If you want, you can browse their clothes and accessories by “Dolls” or aesthetics, from Darby’s punk-rock leather-n-distressed denim and band tees and Mercy’s witchy goth fishnets to Coco’s femme-bot all-things-pink Barbie princess line. Kandi’s got your club kid essentials, and Willow’s got all your traditional hippie chic. If you’re looking for how festival fashion is shifting, changing, and branching out, a scroll through the Doll’s Kill website will tell you everything you need to know. They’ve done a fantastic job at curating the changes and offering options to people whose tastes are different from the bohemian mainstream.
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Staples Will Stay

Let’s be serious – some boho festival styles are here to stay. And they’re well-adored for a reason. Pastels and little white dresses are cooling colors that do better in hot summer sun than the black leather jackets of punk rock. At festivals where PLUR—peace, love, unity, and respect—is the vibe, accessories like flower crowns make the mood. And so what many designers are doing, rather than replacing, is renovating the beloved boho. Companies like Revolve, which is based in Los Angeles, have designed lines that reference boho favorites from the past few years of Coachella, but have redesigned them with a combination of newer runway trends and 90’s inspiration.

We get to keep what we like, but add a little of our own flair, whatever that might be. What’s not to love about that?

Australia’s Best Fashion Festivals For 2018

Dress for Success Suits

Do you like to keep abreast with all the latest ongoings in the world of fashion? If the answer is affirmative, then your style must be the envy of all those who are around you. The truth is Australia has the honor of being one of the most fashionable countries in the world. Everyone thrives on comfortable and statement-making pieces.

Fashion events and festivals offer the opportunity to come in close contact with the crème de la crème of fine dressing. By attending these events, you will be able to catch the first glimpse of what is new on the catwalk and emerging trends that should be embraced. Have nothing planned for your social calendar? Watch out! It is about to be fully packed!

2018 Fashion Festival in Australia

Here is a roundup of Australia’s best fashion festivals for 2018:

    1. Dress For Success Festival

Location: Engadine Library, Engadine
Date: 1st March 2018

This glamorous festival is all about the provision of official attire and a network of supporters who will enable you to thrive in your professional and personal life. It is not just a celebration of fashion but a complete celebration of life-changing ideas. Do not know what to wear to an upcoming interview? This festival brings together the best of expert opinions, real-life examples, visual productions and much more. Schedule to attend it free of change and achieve self-sufficiency.

    1. Vinnies Vintage & Designer Fashion Event

Vinnies Vintage & Designer Fashion Event
Location: Vinnie’s Brookvale, Brookvale
Date: 15th March 2018

Brookvale is the place to be on 15th March! Attending the incredible Vinnies Vintage & Designer Fashion event is a must-do.Known as a treasure trove for the best vintage designer wears, here you will uncover gems that you will love for a lifetime. The exquisite evening will be filled with a shopping experience like no other having you choose between trendy designs and accessories. There is also a Vinnies Insta-style competition on Instagram that you can participate in by simply sharing a picture of what you purchase from the event to win a one-year subscription to the Vogue magazine.

    1. Melbourne Retail Festival

Location: The Australia Events Center, Essendon Fields
Date: 28th 29th March

Melbourne presents the Melbourne Retail Festival! Representing fashion at its finest, the premium trade is open to all areas of the fashion industry. All designers are eligible to attend and showcase local, emerging and international brands on show, the 2-day festival is a frenzy of menswear, womenswear, Streetwear, activewear, swimwear, resort wear, intimates, apparels, footwear and much more. I managed to pick myself up some fantastic oversized wedge heels here last year for a couple dollars!

    1. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Location: New South Wales, Sydney
Date: 13th-17th May 2018

As one of the biggest international platforms in Australia, the Mercedes –Benz Fashion Week provides Australian designers with a platform to connect with global buyers as well as consumers. The week-long runway shows and presentations will give you the opportunity of catching a glimpse of the very best designers. There is lots to see and learn here. If you are looking for a gateway with friends, this event is absolutely perfect.

There you go! A variety of important fashion events and festivals that will offer the breathtaking experience you have been looking for. Not only will you be able to maintain an unshakable sense of style but you will also relish in everything these fashion events have to offer.

Top 10 Music Events in UK

UK has always been the hub of music events and there are specifically ten music events that have taken the UK to a position of global leadership in the context of arranging musical programmes and music events. UK has been the temple of music where worshippers are always ready to embrace change and whatever is new. The following are the top ten musical festivals that take place in the United Kingdom:

1. With headliners like the Specials, M.I.A., Cypress Hill, etc. the Boomtown music festival, Winchester, is known for its vibrancy, theatrical representation, and fantastic projections. The Boomtown Fair is a hub of diverse and non-commercialized musical movements that are deeply rooted. Constituted with folk songs, drum and bass, etc, the concerned music festival is a means of enjoyment.

2. With headliners like Two Door Cinema Club, Jamiroqual, alt-J, Andy C, the Boardmasters, Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay music festival has earned its reputation over the years. The Boardmasters mixes the best borders in the world including surfers or skaters with BMX kings and soundtrack actions that encompass dance dons, folk stars, and pop favourites.

3. Download Festival, Donington Park, Derby is also among the best known music festivals of UK. With headliners like System of a Down, Biffy Clyro, Aerosmith, etc. the music festival has earned global prestige and reputation for being the hub of hard rock and heavy metal rock. Encompassing big names from the 70s till date, the music festival has gained worldwide recognition over the years.

4. Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset with headliners Radiohead, Foo Fighers, Ed Sheeran etc is one of the UK’s oldest music festivals. But still now it has sustained its reputation and popularity. With a set of massive artists the music festival has made its own name in the list of the most famous music festivals across the United Kingdom. With all its musical events and other attractions, Glastonbury Festival is one of its own kind.

5. The Great Escape, Brighton, Sussex is one of the most popular music events of the United Kingdom. It is a seaside holiday with music bonanza and with a different taste. The sounds of breaking bands mix with the beachside waves creating a musical atmosphere which is unchallengeable and explicit.

6. Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons, Wales is yet another reputed and popular musical event of the United Kingdom. With headliners like P.J. Harvey, Ryan Adams, Future Islands etc, Green Man Festival takes in the might of the UK’s landscape with its backdrop of Brecon Beacons’ Black Mountains in Wales. The abode of folk music, and with almost 1,500 performers, the music festival has a charm of its own.

7. Isle of Wight Festival is also renowned for its popularity among music lovers. It is famous exclusively for its legendary headliners including Fleetwood Mac, The Stone Roses, Bruce Springsteen, etc. It must also be noted that the concerned music festival has a historical lineage. Having its inception about fifty years earlier, Isle of Wight Festival is now gradually growing in strength and more popularity on a global basis. The music festival continues to pull in the world’s biggest guitar slingers and the hottest craftsman and woman from both pop and electronic genres.

8. Latitude Festival, Henham Park, Southworld has taken over the idyllic English countryside and it has earned its reputation of being more than just a music festival. It is the abode of many events including musical events and all the events have their own charm and beauty that have the potential to attract audiences of all kind and demography.

9. Lovebox, Victoria Park, London with headliners like Frank Ocean, Chase & Status, Jamie xx, Jess Glynne, the music even has the potential to draw the attention of UK’s London’s beat lovers. In the party created by Groove Armada, London’s beat lovers, freaks and hipsters convene for an annual get together. The music festival is a colourful mix of dance dons, rock gods, vintage markets, bespoke bars and fairground tides. A carousel of creativity, Lovebox music festival has earned its own reputation in a unique manner in a popular way.

10. T in the Park, Strathallan Castle, Perthshire, Scotland with headliners like Kasabian, Avicil, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds is Scotland’s biggest music festival. With a bigger reputation than William Wallace, T in the Park is a renowned musical festival in the United Kingdom. One must take into account the fact that the performances are historical and they all carry legacies that are not to be forgotten for a long while. An amalgamation of rock, pop and dance the concerned music festival has been considered a gem among the music festivals that are held in the United Kingdom. Quite interestingly T in the Park is often considered the rite of passage for young Scots and a ritual for older ones.

Ten Tips On Writing Magical Music

There are several specific processes adhering to which one might become able to write magical music. To become a good lyricist one has to be first become a good listener. Developing the listening skills is an imperative for a good writer of music. Listening to good songs and listening to various genres of lyrics can infuse in a music composer the inclination to improve on his/lyrics. Good music and good lyrics have the potential to influence the quality of work of a lyricist, providing the opportunity to a writer to evolve into a more effective lyricist. Good listening skills make it easier for a music lyricist to compose magical songs with a universal appeal.

Another key to the creation of a magical music is to enhance the skill of using the right vocabulary and the right rhyming keys. Use of easy words and rhyming words often add to the efficacy of a song. The song becomes easier for the audience to understand, listen and remember. Moreover, it must also be noted that easy words also make it easier for the audience to understand the gist of the song. making it possible for the singer and the lyricist to leave a deep impression on the audiences’ minds. The more easy the lyrics, the greater the chances of the song to gain mass popularity. Hence, to write a magical song it is quite imperative for the song writer to make the song’s language lucid and easy to understand.

Taking the help of music composition software can also help a lyricist to write magical song. Music composition software can help a lyricist in synchronising the lyrics with the song’s rhythm and melody. Hence, in the process of writing a magical song, music composition software can be of great help.

To write a magical song it is very much essential to get inspired. Inspiration is the essence of good lyrics. It is a fact that before writing a piece of music it is very much essential to get inspired by something or by someone. Inspiration can come from many sources including personal and natural. One can get inspired by emotions, relationships, people, experiences and even from surreal situations.

Having fun is also an important aspect when it comes to creating magical music. Writing magical music needs a fun-filled attitude. Writing great song needs a loving attitude. If you love to write then you will be experiencing fun in writing and this fun aspect can act as a source of inspiration for writing magical songs.

Another important fact related to the writing of magical music is to define the goal and objective of the song’s composition. The song writer has to determine who the audience of the song would be. Is the song being written for appeasing oneself or is it being composed to attract the mass? The answer to this question is very much essential in terms of writing a magical song. It is on the nature of objective and goal behind writing the song that the nature of the song would depend. If you are writing the song for yourself, you have more freedom to select the genre of your writing but if you are writing for specific audience (target audience) then your vocabulary has to be limited and hence, the quality of song would rely much on your objective behind writing the song.

Another important strategy that should be applied while writing a song (and ensuring that it would be emerging as a magical one) is to take suggestions, advice, and recommendations from others who are expert in the field of writing lyrics. But it is not always necessary to take advice from the expert. You friends, your loves ones, your near and dear ones can also become good sources of advice. They can be of much help in determining the genre and style of your lyric.

To write a magical song is to do something different. Uniqueness is the key to success when it comes to writing a magical song. You have to be aware of the styles and genres that are prevalent in the market, and on the basis of your awareness you have to decide how to write a unique lyric. Your uniqueness would be the determinant in terms of enhancing your song’s lyrics. Whether you are really going to write a magical song relies largely on you and on your unique approach towards writing the song.

Moreover, you have to practice, practice, and practice more. Practice makes man perfect and this maxim is very much applicable to the writing of a great song. You have to continue practicing writing great songs. This is also a key to success in respect of writing a magical song.

Finally, to write a magical song you have to have the dedication and devotion. Dedication and devotion are the cornerstones in respect of writing great songs. If you are dedicated and devoted towards your job of writing a song, then obviously you will get the chance somehow to write a magical song.

Top 12 Music Festivals In Europe

Europe is always known for its art, architecture, sculpture, and music. In this respect there are twelve such musical festivals that take place in Europe that have the potential to challenge any music festival’s popularity worldwide. The concerned twelve music festivals in Europe, in terms of popularity, is not confined to the European borders; rather, such festivals have earned popularity and reputation on a global basis. The following are the top twelve music festivals in Europe that have global popularity:

1. Primavera Sound is among the greatest music festivals held in Europe. Primavera Sound is a forceful supporter of Indie King and new music and the festival prides itself on pushing alternative music towards the realm of popularity. Creativity is considered utmost in the concerned music festival.

2. Rock am Ring & Rock im Park should be considered an essential part of rock music festival in Europe. Lovers of heavy metal are always attracted to these music festivals. Along with sister festival Rock im Park, Rock am Ring has the potential to pull unparallel line-ups year after year. It also has the reputation of being one of the best attended music festivals in Europe. This heavy metal music festival is not only famous in Germany but also throughout Europe and it is so much popular that its name has now not been unknown to any country of the world.

3. Isle of Wight Festival is also renowned for its popularity among music lovers. It is famous exclusively for its legendary headliners including Fleetwood Mac, The Stone Roses, Bruce Springsteen, etc. It must also be noted that the concerned music festival has a historical lineage. Having its inception about fifty years earlier, Isle of Wight Festival is now gradually growing in strength and more popularity on a global basis.

4. Ultra Europe is also a renowned music festival of Europe. With headliners like David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, etc. Ultra Europe has emerged as one of the most popular musical event on a global basis. It has been transported across the Atlantic from Miami’s glamorous city centre, and the festival has wasted no time in establishing itself as a worthy successor to the original UMF. It is also the abode of the world’s most popular DJs and it brings Croatia’s stunning Adriatic coast to its feet.

5. Glastonbury is yet another popular European music festival that featuring headliners like Radiohead, Foo Fighthers, Ed Sheeran etc. Glastonbury is a musical festival the tickets of which are sold out in minutes and it is so respected among the global performers that respected and famous artists across the globe fall over themselves for the chance to play in this music festival. The concerned music festival has set its standard in rock, pop and urban festival experiences. The music festival is an amalgamation of fresh young superstars and old heads.

6. Sziget Festival with headliners like Kasabian, Major Lazer, Wiz Khalifa , Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, etc. The concerned music festival has attended such feat that now it does not need to promote or advertise itself. It is a fact that its reputation precedes it by almost a decade, and for it Budapest is an incredible host city.

7. EXIT Festival is yet another star music festival that has earned reputation throughout Europe. With headliners like The Killers, Liam Gallagher, Hardwell, The Jesus & Mary Chain, etc., the EXIT Festival is gradually being now known globally. Apart from Dance, occasional note of pop and heavy metal make the festival a jubilant one. Serbia’s EXIT Festival with sister festival Sea Dance keeps the party going at the beautiful beach-side location of Budva, Montenegro.

8. Tomorrowland with headliners Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Garrix, Alesso etc., has simply emerged as one of the noted music festivals of Europe over the years. It has put the biggest electronic music show on earth and with a massive line-up it is unrivalled wonderland that keeps on mesmerizing the music community globally.

9. Balaton Sound is also a renowned music festival in Europe. Kygo, Hardwell, Robin Schulz, Blasterjaxx etc constitute the headliners of the festival. In the summer festival calendar this music festival has made its own position in a unique and popular manner.

10. With headliners like System of a Down, Biffy Clyro, Aerosmith, Slayer the Grandfather of Rock and heavy metal bands, Download Festival has made its own name in the realm of European music festivals.

11. With headliners like Ocean, Chase & Status, Jamie xx, Solage etc., and nestled in the centre of London, Lovebox has emerged as the champion of creative programming and a positive sense of fun. It has been considered as the abode of urban and electronic music in the UK capital.

12. Awakenings Festival with headliners like Maceo Plex, Nina Kraviz, Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, has also emerged as one of the most well known and famous music festival in Europe.

Top 10 Largest Music Festivals In The World

Donauinselfest is the largest music festival in the world. Mawazine, In 2014, 2.6 million people went to this festival which takes place each year in Rabat, Morocco. Summerfest, It is the largest music festival held in the Western Hemisphere.Rock In Rio,First held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1985, Rock in Rio became one of the largest music festivals of its kind in the world.Coachella has been held every year since 1999 in Indio, california.Essence is an indoor festival that takes place inside of the Superdome.New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.Electric Daisy Carnival,Tomorrowland and Ultra is the biggest electronic music festival in the United States. It takes place every year in Miami, Florida.